African Children's Choir

African Children's Choir

The AIDS crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the worst epidemics in all of history, resulting in millions dead and an entire generation orphaned.

SGI is involved in combating the effects of AIDS in the African nation of Uganda, a country which has seen an encouraging decrease in its incidence of the disease in recent years.

The world-renowned African Children’s Choir ( has become a noble ambassador for AIDS orphans. Consisting primarily of orphans from Uganda, the ACC tours North America every year performing songs that touch the hearts of all who hear.

SGI helps support the ACC by providing them with a permanent home in the United States. Historically, the children of

the ACC had to live an itinerant life while on tour. However, in 2007, SGI founder Ron Lewis spearheaded an effort to buy the ACC a home in his native Durham, NC. Christened “Mirembe,” the home now comfortably houses over 40 orphans and their caretakers each year.

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